Our Deacons

The Deacons are an elected group of long-standing members — senior not so much in the sense of age, but by dint of their participation in the affairs of All Souls.

The by-laws of All Souls Church state that the Deacons assist the Minister at the Communion Service and perform such other functions as may be assigned to them by the Society or the Board of Trustees. In practice, since the by-laws were adopted on February 14, 1820 (last amended in 2006), the functions and responsibilities of the Board of Deacons have been greatly expanded. The Deacons serve as the collective memory of the church. To be elected a Deacon, a nominee must have given extensive service to the congregation, such as an officer and/or member of the Board of Trustees, an officer or member of one of the major committees, or rendered distinguished service in a number of volunteer capacities.

Although the Deacons are nominated and elected each year at the Annual Meeting with one or more new members added to the roster, Deacons continue to serve year after year. Because of their many years of association with All Souls, the Deacons are able to apply their valuable experience to current problems and help the Board of Trustees and the ministers evaluate matters from a perspective that includes the past. In that way, active and involved Deacons can provide a measure of historical perspective, stability and continuity. Deacons seek to uphold tradition but are careful not to impede the changes a vital institution must make.


The Communion Service at All Souls, held four times a year, is based on early Unitarian traditions and is quite different from communion at other churches. The service recalls and celebrates the life of Jesus of Nazareth, and of “all women and men who have striven to be followers of his way of life.” The simple sharing of bread and wine by the community does not refer to any supernatural elements. In keeping with Universalist tradition, the service is open to everyone, with no requirements as to church membership or theological belief.


The Deacons Award is given in recognition of long term and/or exemplary service to the Church and the Congregation. A committee of the Deacons selects an individual, drafts an appropriate citation and presents the name to the Board of Deacons for approval. The award is then presented to the recipient by a member of the Deacons at the Annual Congregational Meeting in February. In 2015, a Youth Award was added by vote of the Deacons, and may be awarded if there is a qualified candidate.

List of Deacons Award Honorees

The following are members of All Souls Church elected to the Board of Deacons, February, 2020. They will serve until the 2021 Annual Meeting and can be renominated each year.

Beryl Jones-Woodin, President
Miles Chapin, Vice President
Evelynn Gioiella, Secretary/Treasurer

Sabrina Alano
Valerie Amsterdam
David Andrews
Astrid Baumgardner
C. William (Bill) Bechman
Christina Bellamy
Daniel N. Beshers
Heli Blum
Thomas Blum
Robin Bossert
Anne S. Bradley
Julie Brannan
Louise Brockett
Judy Chang
Miles Chapin
George Collins
John Conti
Dan Cryer
Sheila Darnborough
George Dorsey
Holly Drew
Sandra Ekberg
Mary Ellen Fahs
Victor Fidel
Sandra Lotz Fisher
Jeffrey Friedlander
Jane Furse Friedman
Christine Goodwin
Peter Green
Cherie Henderson
Mary-Ella Holst
Arthur Hopkirk
Barbara Hosein
Alice Jackson
Carolyn Jackson
Deborah Buresh Jackson
Michele Jawin
Beryl Jones-Woodin
Frederick Joseph
Carol Kirkman
Eric Lamm
Jane Levenson
Suzanne May
Elizabeth (Betty) McCollum
Marilyn Mehr
Ricardo Mestres
Steven Michelman
Margaret (Peggy) Montgomery
James Moskin
Marilynn Scott Murphy
Danforth (Dan) Newcomb
Melanie Niemiec
Jeanne North
Nancy Northup
Winifred (Winnie) Olsen
Neil Osborne
Frank Patton
Kate Phillips
Laura Pedersen
Guy Quinlan
Thomas Reese
John Reidy
Larry Reina
David Rockefeller, Jr.
Linda Rousseau
Judith (Judy) Samuelson
Eric Sivin
Deborah Taylor
Kathleen Taylor
Patricia (Pat) Taylor
Jennifer Vermont-Davis
Hanan Watson
Olumide (Miday) Wilkey
Li Yu

Deacons Emeritus

Rosina Cotruzzola
Linda Frank
Paul Frank
Pamela Healey
Walter (Wally) Klauss
Kami O’Keefe
Jeanne Walton