Question of the Month

Question of the Month

Welcome to a new ministry initiative of All Souls. We understand that in community, there’s a deep need to know one another and to be known. This is all the more important in such a large community as All Souls, and in a city like New York, where our busy lives may mean we spend less time together. To continue our work of building connections, we are launching our  Question of the Month. Each month, Galen or Audette will pose a question, often with one or two follow up queries. The following month, we’ll share snapshots of your responses on this page.

Question of the Month Summer (June/July/August)

Question of the Summer (June/July/August)

When asked in April about their favorite worship at All Souls, our members and friends said:

Christmas — beautiful music — tradition–

Christmas is my favorite for the music.

Christmas Eve…and Easter
The music is heightened….(if that is possible)
The trumpets are jubilant.

Christmas Eve Service is my absolute favorite at All Souls though Easter is a close second. The feeling of joy at being there, the gorgeous music, seeing all the All Souls folks in the holiday mood. It’s wonderful. Haven’t found that feeling anywhere else.

I would have to say “Anniversary Sunday”, WHEN WE CELEBRATE THE HISTORY, PRESENCE AND FUTURE OF OUR BELOVED ALL SOULS CHURCH, and somehow reaffirm our commitment to our church and congregation.