Construction FAQ

During Construction at All Souls: What You Should Know

We are excited that the renovation and restoration of our beloved All Souls sanctuary and building has begun! This work represents the love and commitment that you have offered, so that our bold vision of progressive faith will continue into the next generation.

The following is information we hope will be helpful to you as we navigate the next several months during construction. Please remember that while we may experience some minor discomforts during this construction window, by working together and exercising a little extra patience and consideration, most of our regular activities should continue with little disruption.


Worship at All Souls has moved to Reidy Friendship Hall for the duration of our construction. From April 28th until May 19th, we will continue to have two services – 10 am and 11:15 am, as ever. We have taken steps to make Reidy Friendship Hall both a more worshipful space, as well as a more musically welcoming space — and our beloved All Souls choir will continue singing regularly. Although in a different space, your ministers and worship leaders remain committed to beautiful and spiritually nourishing worship.

As of May 26th, we begin our schedule of one service at 11:15 am.

Entering and Exiting Our Worship Space

Sunday morning traffic patterns will be our most significant change. RE families, please be sure to read the “RE” section below.

To enter for worship on Sundays, please enter through the garden gate entrance on Lexington, proceed through the doors beside the reception office, and continue downstairs via either staircase or the elevator if you have mobility challenges. If you do not have mobility issues, please be considerate of those who do need the elevator.

Ushers and greeters will be staged at various points along this path, and will help direct you if there is any confusion — as well as welcome you and provide you with an order of service when you enter Reidy Friendship Hall.

To exit after worship: Please EXIT (only) through the doors on the west end of the hall, past the new chancel area and the Mary Ella Holst or Dick Leonard room, go up one flight to the MEZZANINE level, and exit through the south door that leads into the memorial garden. Please note that you will not be able to enter/re-enter through this door.

Coffee Hour

Coffee hour will be held in Reidy Friendship Hall after the second service, as usual. However, it will not be set up until after the 11:15 service postlude has finished. We would love to have any able-bodied help in stacking chairs after the second service, so as to more comfortably enjoy our coffee hour, but this help is totally voluntary. All that is essential from our All Souls members and friends is a small amount of patience as our hard-working staff work quickly to set up self-serve coffee, tea, and snacks on tables along the wall that is shared with the Gallery after the service.  That table area will also host our sustainable coffee, book table, and social justice programs. Our Welcome & Book table will be located in the NW corner of Reidy Friendship Hall (near the exit door that passes by the Dick Leonard Room).

Religious Education

Check-in: KidCheck is now in the RE office. Please sign in there. Please form a line through the offices and not in the hallway. Better yet, download the KidCheck app and check in that way! (See

Pick up:  Parents please take your child directly to their class at 10:00. The teachers will bring all children (first grade and up) to the chapel at 10:50 so you can pick them up after the first service. Pick up is in the chapel. Please do not wait in the hall. Please pick up Kindergarten aged children and younger from the classrooms. Second hour (11:15) children will be in the chapel or in the Ware room. Please pick them up from these two places. If you wish to chat with other parents during chapel or second hour, please do so in the Ware Room.

Coffee Hour is still in Reidy Friendship Hall at 12:15.

Classes:  All classes will remain in place except for:

  • Spirit Play (Kindergarten) will meet in 3b
  • 4/5 will meet in 3a
  • 7/8 will meet in the Chapel

Chapel worship: We have only two chapel services left, on April 28 and May 12, before the summer break. Chapel service will take place in the chapel at 11:00 to 11:15. Teachers should bring the children down and into the chapel at 10:50. Parents should wait in the chapel or in the Ware Room instead of the hall. Feel free to join us for Worship in the chapel!

OWL: There is one last OWL class on May 5. It will take place in 3a.

Schedule for 10:00:

  • April 28- regular classes and chapel (4/5 class will run over into second hour)
  • May 5- start in Reidy Friendship Hall for Coming of Age; regular classes
  • May 12- regular classes and chapel
  • May 19- start in Reidy Friendship Hall, last class

Schedule for 11:15:

  • Community Time in the Ware Room. Choir in Chapel.
  • May 5- 4/5 OWL in 3a
  • May 19- Knitting in Ware Room


The All Souls choir will continue being an integral part of our worship experience during this transitional time. On Sunday mornings through May 19th, the Forrest Church Gallery will be the choir room. This means that the Forest Church Gallery will not be otherwise available from 9 am until noon on Sundays. We appreciate your assistance making this an undisturbed working space for the choir on Sundays.


During construction, on Sundays, our restrooms will be open and available. Please remember that if you use the mezzanine bathrooms and wish to return to Reidy Friendship Hall, you will need to re-enter through the garden and reception area. During the week, the mezzanine bathrooms will be unavailable.

Chancel Flowers

During the construction period, we will continue to have our lovely chancel flowers. If you would like to dedicate flowers to a loved one, contact Hannah Marks at

Sunday Morning Adult Ed Sessions

During construction, Adult Ed will take place in the Minot Simons room. Please check the online calendar or the Order of Service (which is always linked within our Friday “This Week at All Souls” emails) ahead of time to see where the program you are attending is scheduled to be.