80th & Lextures Presents: Dignity for Deeply Forgetful People ~ How Caregivers Can Meet the Challenges of Alzheimers Disease


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On Sunday, April 24th from 2-3PM via Zoom, 80th & Lextures and the All Souls Caregivers Support Circle are pleased to invite you to hear Rev. Dr. Jade Angelica speak about Professor Stephen Post’s upcoming book, Dignity for Deeply Forgetful People: How Caregivers Can Meet the Challenges of Alzheimer’s Disease (John Hopkins University Press; May 31, 2022).

How do we approach a “deeply forgetful” person so as to notice and affirm their self-identity, dignity, and worth? Post has worked around the world showing caregivers how to become more aware of surprising expressions of selfhood. He offers a hopeful perspective on people with dementia that counters the negative influence of “hypercognitive” values with their unacceptable emphasis on human worth as a matter of linear rationality and strength of memory.

While caring for a loved one is always hard and sometimes debilitating, Post advocates for a nationally paid caregiver respite. He also shares strategies to help caregivers communicate optimally with loved ones as their disease advances. He provides practical answers to the many serious ethical questions raised by caregivers based on his several hundred community dialogues with caregivers and professionals across the US and around the world.

Rev. Dr. Jade Angelica has been a practicing UU Community Minister since
1992. She designs workshops, services, and trainings for Healing Moments for Alzheimer’s, a non-profit organization she founded in 2007, and offers presentations for dementia caregivers throughout the country. In addition, Jade is the author of the book, Where Two Worlds Touch: A Spiritual Journey Through Alzheimer’s Disease. Jade’s most important and most rewarding ministry, to date, has been caring for her mother, Jeanne, who died from Alzheimer’s in 2011.


Apr 24 2022


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm