Cultivating a Wholesome Mind and Heart: A Holiday Gift for All (Including Yourself!)

Presented by Buddhism & Mindfulness at All Souls, Cathy will speak about the four “heavenly mind states”; compassion, sympathetic joy, lovingkindness and equanimity. Known as the Brahmaviharas, these mind states can be trained through meditation and help us redirect our minds away from the unwholesome (fear, jealousy, anger, frustration) towards the wholesome. The program will include a talk, a guided meditation, and time for Q&A. All are welcome, no experience with meditation is necessary.

Cathy’s work bridges the processes of scientific inquiry and meditation. Having the fortune to work on two Cosmos series with Carl Sagan and Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Cathy found the connection between first-person method of investigating the mind through Buddhist contemplative practices and scientific methods of observation. Learn more about Cathy at


Dec 13 2020


9:45 am