Fridays with Tracy: Singing Our Theologies

Singing Our Theologies: A Three-Part Series
It is said that people sing their theology – so what do the┬áhymns we sing have to say about the theologies that Unitarian Universalism embraces? How might we understand them both for our own spiritual growth but in conversation with those from other faiths?
In Part One, we will explore hymns reflecting Transcendentalism and religious naturalism.
In Part Two, we will engage with hymns that reflect the theology of a changeable universe.
In Part Three, we will celebrate and mourn with hymns of liberation.
BIO: Rev. Kimberley Debus is a community minister based in Saratoga Springs, NY, inspiring an artful and art-filled faith. She consults with congregations and religious professionals throughout the denomination. She has previously served at the Church of the Larger Fellowship as well as congregations on Long Island and Key West.


Apr 16 2021


10:00 am