Inspire Deep Connection Through Mindful Conversation

Mindful Conversation is a transformational practice where we learn to deepen our ability to listen, increase our capacity for curiosity and compassion, and take more agency as active participants in collaboratively shaping the conversations we desire.

Join Martha Williams and John Scilipote, creators of Mindful Conversation, for a 90-minute participatory experience where we explore and have fun with some of the basic concepts and methods of this connection-building practice.

Bio: Martha Williams and John Scilipote are co-founders of Culture Shift Agency, Inc. and the creators of BreakBread World, a growing global community dedicated to reweaving our common humanity by sharing in the intimate act of breaking bread over active and inspired conversation. They are creators of Mindful Conversation, a practice that helps inspire better listening, increase capacity for curiosity, and foster deeper compassion and connection to self, others, and our communities. John and Martha bring a mixture of passion, curiosity and humor along with deeply diverse backgrounds as artists, thinkers, creators, and entrepreneurs.

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Oct 17 2021


2:00 pm