We’re so glad you’re exploring membership in our vibrant Open Hearts, Open Minds congregation at All Souls. In a world where it can seem harder than ever to make friends, build community, and work for a better world, a church home is a rare blessing — and that’s what we hope you will find at All Souls NYC.

If you’re considering membership, we encourage you to:

  • Join us for one of our monthly Newcomers Bagel Brunches after the service on third Sundays. This is where you can meet our Membership Associate, Robert Wohner, talk with one of our ministers, ask questions and get to know other newcomers.
  • Explore our Welcome Club. Each month there are groups, outings or activities we promote for newcomers, so any day you walk into All Souls, there’s something for you to discover — we have so many ways for you to connect to our spiritual development, learning, fellowship and justice-making community!
  • Connect with a member of our Welcome Wagon team. These are longer-term members who would be glad to meet you for coffee or meet up to sit together at a church event – someone who “knows the ropes” and is glad to answer questions or be a friendly face in the crowd.
  • Take our All Souls Are Welcome [LINK To class dates and write up] Newcomers Workshop. This two-Sunday workshop is offered three times a year and is led by our Senior and Associate Ministers
  • Meet one-on-one with either our Associate Minister, Audette Fulbright, or our Senior Minister, Galen Guengrich. They want to get to know you!
  • Make it official: sign the Membership Book, join us in supporting the community and ministries of All Souls by making a contribution of record, and become a voting member of our Beloved Community. We host a special welcome reception and ceremony of Welcome each year, to which you will be invited.
[Robert, can you please enter here the two messages from the Membership brochure — the “A message from our Senior Minister, Galen Guengrich,” and “A message from Audette Fulbright, Assoc. Minister”? ROB, then we need the headshots attached. BTW, this section, as all others, *needs pictures!* ]