All Other Sermons

Sermons by David Robb 

Wrestling with the Angel (PDF) June 16, 2019
The Other America (PDF) May 27, 2018
Anger Management (PDF) June 18, 2017
Love and Fear (PDF) June 19, 2016
Walls (PDF) June 21, 2015
The Poignancy of Impermanence (PDF) June 15, 2014

Sermons by Members, Friends and Guests

Here Comes the Sun (PDF) Julie Brannan January 26, 2020
Coming of Age, Again (PDF) Adult Coming of Age Participants August 18, 2019
Chop Wood, Carry Water, And Rest (PDF) Rev. Bill Neely August 11, 2019
We Will All Go Together (PDF) Laura Pedersen August 4, 2019
Do No Harm (PDF) Pamela Patton July 28, 2019
All My Relations (PDF) Petra Thombs July 7, 2019
Meaning Making (PDF) Rev. Blanca I. Rodriguez June 30, 2019
Lessons from the Movement (PDF) Rev. Jude Geiger June 23, 2019
The Room Where It Happens (PDF) Julie Brannan January 27, 2019
Call the Midwives: Feminist Saints (PDF) Rev. Marti Keller August 12, 2018
Exquisite Interruption (PDF) Pamela Patton July 22, 2018
Abiding Love (PDF) Rev. Jennifer Kelleher July 15, 2018
Is God Watching? (PDF) Laura Pedersen July 1, 2018
You Have to be Carefully Taught (PDF) Petra Thombs June 17, 2018
Who Are We (and Why Are We Here)? (PDF) Li Yu January 28, 2018
Take, Eat… All of You (PDF) Shari Halliday-Quan August 20, 2017
Collective Liberation 19th Century Style: The Ministry of Joshua Young (PDF) Karen G. Johnston August 6, 2017
Embracing Emotional Freedom as Spiritual Practice (PDF) Rev. Blanca Rodriguez July 30, 2017
The Work of Being The Light (PDF) Rev. Rebekah Montgomery July 16, 2017
Why Church? (PDF) Betty Jeanne Rueters-Ward July 9, 2017
The Right Choice (PDF) Laura Pedersen June 25, 2017
My Memories of War (and Peace) (PDF) Rev. Mark Belletini May 28, 2017
To Be Defined (PDF) Pamela Patton May 14, 2017
A Spiritual Teacher for Our Present Days (PDF) Rev. Mark Belletini March 19, 2017
Giving and Forgiving (PDF) Carol Kirkman January 29, 2017
What The Living Do (PDF) Pamela Patton January 1, 2017